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Digital Products

A Quality Team, Building great products.

We’re a group of skilled professionals that build, design and market software.

Some Of Our Work

A video production company wanted a SaaS solution to provide on demand professional editing service.

App Design & Development

Working with our partners we built them a mobile app to capture and upload live content. Amigos clients use the app to publish production quality content to social media as the content is created.
A hardcore personal trainer needed a better way to engage potential clients along with physical design assets for their latest health regime and fitness products

Print Design & Digital Reporting

We developed a questionnaire and personalized digital report for their potential customers to see where they needed support. Our designers created beautiful labels for their new protein products and informative print leaflets for a rigorous fitness regime.
Code Club is a nation wide scheme Big Avocado volunteers for, offering children an opportunity to spend time with developers, giving kids in the community a chance to learn to code.

Making games with Scratch

We've worked in schools to offer professional teaching resources for children. We provide lessons using scratch and python to help children learn the basics of the language and showing them how to have fun with technology.


We have a fantastic team of developers with experience in ecommerce, mobile, enterprise & non profit platforms. We deliver solutions using the latest cloud, web & mobile technologies such as AWS, Python, PHP, NodeJS/Javascript, React & Redux, React Native, C# .NET & Xamarin.


We bring design into to everything we do. Our expert designers work in both digital and print. Their experience ranges from fully conceptual UX, responsive and mobile to beautiful publications and marketing materials. Don’t take our word for it, here is some of our best work.


For our medium to long term projects we practice a Kanban agile approach for delivery. Our people can be on site, distributed or a mixture of both. We will taylor the delivery approach to suit your product.

Have something we don’t?

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