Who We've Helped

Salecca, a personal trainer needed a better way to engage potential clients along with physical design assets for their latest health regime and fitness products.
We developed a questionnaire and personalized digital report for their potential customers to see where they needed support. Our designers created beautiful labels for their new protein products and informative print leaflets for a rigorous fitness regime.
A video production company wanted a SaaS solution to provide on demand professional editing service.
Working with our partners we built them a mobile app to capture and upload live content. Amigos clients use the app to publish production quality content to social media as the content is created.
Protect (Formally public concern at work) are a whistle blowing charity that required rebranding, a company auditing tool and a new online presence to better inform clients of the services they can provide.
Our designers created a new logo and our developers a new website for the rebranded company name ‘Protect’ - following this we assisted in updating company content and support training while developing their digital auditing report for whistle blowing practices.
Mous had just crowd sourced £2,000,000 for the production of their revolutionary iPhone case.
Before working with us a proportion of their digital sales were via the crowd funding platform taking a large commission. We worked with Mous to develop their first e-commerce website enabling them to move away from crowd funding.

[ An Energy Company ]

They needed a shift management app for their clients staff. They needed the app to work offline and sync with a custom built cloud service.
We built them a Xamarin Forms app. This empowered their existing .NET teams to pick up the project using technologies they were familiar in. It enabled us to reuse their existing libaries and business logic.
Desk Chili are a hot desking business that wanted an online booking and on premis secuirty system.
Watch this space!
Indy Marketplace had an existing e-commerce platform that needed re-inventing. Indy needed support with UX, SEO, feature development and staff operations.
We re-built their entire customer experience, added new features as the business evolved and developed bespoke software for managing the kitchen and delivery staff.
Carer UK give carers expert advice, information and support about managing their patents. They needed advice and project management for their old mobile application development and migration.
Our team have been advising on the technology stack and migration progress of the mobile and web application while staying within GDPR regulations using our trained advisory staff. We are working with them managing their development team to ensure on time delivery and quality.

Who we work with

Build Circle are a .NET focused consultancy. We partner with them to deliver projects using Microsoft technologies.

UX Dots are a mobile and web app agency we partner with to scale up development teams.

Who we volunteer with

Code Club is a nation wide scheme Big Avocado volunteers with, offering children an opportunity to spend time with developers, giving kids in the community a chance to learn to code and have fun with technology.